What can we simplify for you?

EMDECS is our purposefully designed software solution which brings together fleet maintenance, workshop management and so much more into one centralized cloud-based platform. EMDECS offers everything you need to help keep your vehicles on the road, reduce downtime and increase your businesses’ efficiency at every level.

Get Everyone Involved

Our system is designed to be a comprehensive solution that addresses all areas of your business – no more endless jumping between platforms. We are able to provide significant benefits to a wide set of users within your business as our system includes dedicated portals for everyone involved in the process from service/shop managers, parts managers, technicians, drivers, customers, and back-office personnel. And EMDECS works in real time, meaning that from the moment a user logs in, it’s recording and analysing the information. This not only provides the ability for a service manager to log into EMDECS and have a live overview of the entire operation, but also turn the data into invaluable reports for future review and analysis as real time data reported back to you from specific areas of the business.

DVSA Earned Recognition IT Supplier

Automate compliance to reduce road-side inspections, inspector visits and more