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We believe in succeeding together. 

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BrightOrder, originally known as Perfit Computers, is a 1996 family-founded business with a goal to create tailor-made, innovative solutions for the transportation and heavy-duty vehicle industry. 

Our flagship software, EMDECS aims to find the best way to help streamline any and every task undertaken by fleet operators. We aspire to provide better, personalised solutions for an often overly-commercialised and underappreciated industry. 

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BrightOrder is always seeking new technologies and methodologies. Our aim is never to have the newest tech just because it’s new and “shiny”, but because it’s actually the best fit for our clients and their needs.

Core Values

We Believe in Succeeding Together

Our Core values represent our soul, our roots and our essence. They are our rules and boundaries which define BrightOrder’s culture and personality and provide a “Should/Shouldn’t” test for all the behaviors and decisions by everyone in our company.


We are passionate about what we do and are proud of our people and their achievements. We are eager to deliver the highest quality of services and products to our internal and external customers. This passion drives us to innovation, creativity, and efficiency. This passion wakes us up every morning and keeps us up late learning the newest technology and the most efficient ways to make the lives of our customers easier, simpler and more productive.


We do the right thing, even behind closed doors. We are transparent, ethical and honest with our teams, leaders, stakeholders, customers, partners and everyone around us. We have strong moral principles, and we show a consistent and uncompromising adherence to ethical ideologies and values, and we always follow them, no matter who is watching.

Growth Mindset

We thrive on challenge and don't see failure as a roadblock, we see it as a springboard for growth and developing our abilities. We enjoy learning new things. We accept challenges, we persist and push ourselves to achieve our goals. We cultivate a growth mindset to reinforce that our people can grow and improve regardless of their background, gender or social standing. We stand for diversity, inclusion, equity, and team collaboration.


There is no gap between what we say and what we do. We ask everyone to be themselves at our company, taking risks, expressing their feelings, opinions, and ideas, having new experiences and showing up as their authentic self with confidence. We encourage everyone to voice their opinions and feel safe doing what they are supposed to do (removing the “I should have said something”) and feeling free to express themselves.


We adopt the macro-management leadership in all our departments, accept responsibility for our actions, own our mistakes and we encourage our leaders and employees to share them as a learning experience. We are transparent with our teams and leaders, allowing others to observe and evaluate our performance in a collaborative and participatory leadership style.

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