Artificial Intelligence Meets Telematics

Improving Road Safety

AI dash cameras on their own can bring down operating costs for any fleet. Management receives driver behaviours, good and bad, in real time and can either arrange coaching or reward good driving. AI dash cams can identify distracted driving and tailgating and send a warning to your driver. If drivers are found to be in need of behaviour adjustments, coaching can include showing drivers a video of their own bad habits and will lead to a reduction of accidents and greater safety ratings across your entire fleet resulting in lower insurance premiums. That makes a real case for AI dash cams. Who wouldn’t want lower priced insurance? Rewarding good driver behaviours is important to keep them happy and helps to retain them. Furthermore, better driving habits reduce fuel costs, one of your major expenses.

Greater Efficiency Equals Greater Profitability

Combining AI dash cameras with telematics creates an opportunity to optimise fleet management and improve operational efficiency. AI and telematics together can bring you to the cutting edge of freight hauling and profitability. Using telematics makes it easy for your people to discover optimum routes for all your trucks by analysing traffic patterns and mileage on a given route and speeds up delivery times making your fleet of value to shippers and receivers to make and keep your fleet the go-to transporter. Happy customers can enable you to build your business through important referrals. If you are not using telematics and AI dash cams, you are watching other fleets prosper while your fleet struggles with the daily grind.

Onboard Diagnostics for All Your Trucks

Telematics provides onboard diagnostics to instantly alert both the driver and your maintenance personnel so that a decision may be rendered as to whether the truck can finish its trip or needs to get immediate repairs. Asset tracking can pinpoint the affected vehicle in the case of a driver needing to leave a truck for repairs. GPS tracking is important in case of theft for recovery of your asset.

If you’re working without fleet telematics, you’re working too hard and leaving so much money on the table. Instead, take your fleet to new heights with BrightOrder Telematics. It will make your work more enjoyable and easier to manage. Contact BrightOrder for a demo or answers to questions. Motor on happily for a welcome change.

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