Automating Drivers’ Daily Inspection Reports

Automating Drivers’ Daily Inspections

The trouble with daily driver inspections is that they become so routine that many drivers sleepwalk through them without critical assessment of components. Many drivers just don’t feel like taking the time to write up defects, figuring the truck was fine yesterday and nothing has changed overnight so the driver checks the “No Defects” box and motors on. These practices are truly dangerous and can lead to costly breakdowns, deadly crashes, and frustrated customers, all of which are bad for business and unsafe.

Trouble Reading Paper Checklists

Handwriting paper inspection checklists can be problematic, especially when a driver writes a description or draws a diagram. Every driver’s handwriting is different, with some being illegible or messy at best. Wasting a phone call to achieve clarification and finding out the driver can’t recall what he or she wrote is pointless and wastes time. Hand drawn diagrams are not acceptable in the age of the internet. By moving away from manual documentation you can end costly delays and rid yourself of the subsequent reviews that eat up your time and the reviewers

Citations or Worse

What happens if one of your drivers is pulled into an inspection and hands over an illegible inspection checklist? That’s just asking for a citation and possible out of service judgment. If a driver uses digital inspection checklists with a tablet, laptop, or even a smart phone they are more likely to earn a pass at the inspection. 

Time to go Digital

If your drivers are equipped with digital capability when an incident occurs, it can be captured by video or photo evidence that may be beneficial in establishing fault and solving disputes. Digital documentation of the scene and the load does not lie. Furthermore, using digital inspection reports prompts your drivers to inspect their trucks to view and assess components with greater care when they know reports will not lie.

Making Highways Safer

The daily inspections of trucks are mandated to make the highways safer for all, including your drivers by keeping your trucks in top condition.  Equipping your trucks with digital report capability will save your fleet in the long run. Potential component failures can be discovered before they become issues such as: costly breakdowns on the road, preventing deadly accidents, and avoiding nuclear verdicts for damages and injuries.

Saving Revenue and Building Business

Think long and hard about equipping your drivers with digital smart reporting. The initial cost far outweighs the results and protection you get from it. As a bonus, you’ll sleep better too.

Motor on, safely.

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