CVSA Announces This Year’s Brake Safety Week

The North American based Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced this year’s Brake Safety Week will be held August 20 to 26 and will focus on brake linings and pads on vehicles in North America. While this safety week doesn’t directly affect our fellow drivers and operators in the UK, we feel it’s never a bad idea to turn our attention away from safety reminders. 

Brake issues can cost you violations and out-of-service conditions that can adversely affect safety ratings. And poor safety scores can result in increased scrutiny of your vehicles as well as higher insurance premiums. No owner of a truck or fleet wants these outcomes. Better to be proactive and inspect your trucks for issues of any kind, especially those with brakes. Take the time to stress to your drivers the ongoing importance of pre- and post-trip inspections year-round. Anytime your drivers find issues with the truck they drive, they must report to dispatch which in turn, can save costly tow fees and serious issues from arising. It may even save lives when an issue is repaired on the road during a trip by preventing a crash.

Simple Faults can Cost big Money

Something like a leaky wheel seal may be visible on the inner side of duals which can contaminate brake lining material and cause inadequate braking on that wheel pair and possibly create hazardous conditions if not addressed immediately. Driver’s daily inspections can spot potential issues like that and save you money in the long run. Why wait until the eleventh hour to prep your trucks for Brake Safety Week to be concerned about the condition of your trucks. Stay up on maintenance and rewards will follow through high safety ratings and lower insurance premiums. And brake safety is for everyone on motorways.

Remember that your customers and many others are able to access your fleet’s safety scores. That makes safety scores important for getting and sustaining a profitable customer base. Shippers want to know that your vehicles are reliable and capable of getting their freight delivered in quick order. That responsibility rests on your shoulders as an owner to keep up the good work by keeping your fleet in good order and top condition.

Making Motorways Safe for All

Inspectors are not out to get you. Their number one purpose is to make motorways safe for everyone. The incredible number of miles covered by trucks hauling freight simply makes trucks the vehicles needing more regular maintenance, more often than other vehicles. Is it really any wonder that they be under the scrutiny of trained inspectors whose job is to keep you and everyone else safe on motorways?

For more on the announcement and a list of what the inspections will focus on go to CVSA’s Brake Safety Week Scheduled for Aug. 20-26.

And About CVSA – CVSA – Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

A solid maintenance program will keep your fleet running strong and help you build a profitable business.

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