Many HGV and LGV workshop managers and technicians are afraid to adopt technology for their shops. Typically, those in small workshops or small fleet shops tend to get along without updated technological help and support. “We’ve always done it this way and we always will,” it’s the ostrich mentality that keeps them from simplifying their lives and promoting shop growth.

They believe their way is the simplest to keep up with. In fact, the opposite is true. Today’s lorries are rolling computer systems with so much onboard technology that can’t be properly maintained and repaired within a shop that refuses to adapt like technology. How can you possibly test and repair computerised lorries without embracing the computer software age?

Eliminating Paper Documents to Ease Your Workload

And why are you still working with paper documents in the digital age? If you’re doing this, it’s costing your shop in lost time and productivity. Chances are your techs are using scan tools that help in forming diagnoses on lorries with automated systems. That’s technology that the industry has forced you to get with. You can be sure more of the same is coming. Microchips are here to stay because they work efficiently and inexpensively.

Overcoming Fear of the Unknown

Yet fear of the unknown hampers small shop managers and their techs, though techs are not as resistant as managers. Techs welcome new training and technological breakthroughs. The more they know, the more they’re worth and their confidence grows with it, as does their abilities.

Large shops have been proactive in adapting technology in their facilities. Fleets demand these changes in the ability to measure telematics data as a means of measuring lorry and driver performance and efficiency. And their adoption of a shop management system has revolutionised their everyday work load in a way that is streamlined and promotes productivity and growth for their business.

Getting Onboard

Small fleets are starting to take a page from the big players and grasping the idea that technology’s real benefit is to serve them and their people. They are beginning to embrace the software based shop management system for their small shop, be it fleet or mom and pop.

But for such a movement to progress widespread requires a shift in thinking for small shop managers that must come from information regarding shop management systems. Awareness is key to spreading the word.

How to Learn about Helpful Technology

Articles in trade magazines and information bulletins help to inform. Memberships in lorry repair associations and groups are learning experiences as well. Even advertising by small shop management software providers is helping to buck the trend. Blogs that highlight the topic of shop technology are beginning to show small shop managers the benefits of a software based shop management system.

The naked truth about software based management systems is that once you try one, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Just make sure you choose one that is specifically optimised for small shops and/or small fleet shops, especially for HGV/LGV and trailer maintenance and repairs.

Choose a Software System Made for HGVs and LGVs

EMDECS by BrightOrder Inc. is our recommendation for your shop. We built it based on our over two decades of HGV and trailer experience. It’s tried and true and it will bring your shop into the 21st century with ease.

There are no long weeks of ongoing training sessions with EMDECS. It comes with embedded training that has your people up and running in 30 minutes or less. Write ROs without picking up pen and paper and turn them into invoices that you email to your customers without leaving your desk. All documents are stored digitally, eliminating rooms full of filing cabinets. Access records immediately with just a few clicks.

EMDECS even manages inventory for you and automatically sends you recommended parts order lists based on techs recent usage. And techs time is tracked and recorded in real time, eliminating errors and ensuring accuracy to avoid having to calculate and rewrite ROs.

Create PM schedules and checklists with the software and assign work to techs without visiting them. EMDECS saves both you and your techs valuable time and makes it possible to take on more work, enhancing the shop’s bottom line.

Another great benefit is that customers will see you and your people using the technology and know that your shop is cutting edge. Inspired customers will spread the word about your shop. 

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