Driving a Large Truck in Cities

Plan Your Route

As a truck driver, you never know where you are going until dispatched. And sometimes you may be directed through a large and busy city. Before you reach the city, it’s imperative that you plan your route to avoid difficulties. A truck driver must know which interstate highways they must take to reach a major city. Then you must know which exit is closest to your delivery point. Determining that is the most important thing to know. It can save you much time and trouble, and your GPS may not be the easy answer. Contact the receiver to get human directions to the delivery point.

Don’t Get Rattled – Stay Cool

Driving in a large city can be troublesome even when you have directions. Remember to stay calm and not get rattled by traffic. Destinations are difficult to reach as you navigate through traffic and narrow streets. Before you attempt to make a sharp turn, take a few seconds to plan how to navigate the turn without creating an incident with other traffic. Tune in to all road signs and obey them. Take your time; the delivery needs to be carried out in due course, not in haste that creates dangerous situations.

When you reach your delivery point, park and take your paperwork into the receiver before attempting to back into a dock. Some destinations don’t have a yard for trucks to park in. If so, find a spot on the street that is safe. Switch on your hazard warning flashers to alert local traffic to take care.

Keep a Lookout for Debris

When driving keep your eyes on the road ahead and watch out for debris on the road. You can’t let a foreign object ruin your delivery or your day. And remember that traffic in the city becomes very aggressive in their driving habits. You appear as a nuisance to city drivers. Try not to let it get to you. Take your time and let the traffic do whatever it does. Don’t take the approach that your delivery is more important than what drivers are doing. Most don’t care about what you’re doing; don’t let it get to you. Otherwise, it will cause you trouble that no one wants. Let it go and focus on your job.

You are in Control

Know ahead of time that you will face aggressive drivers, variable speed limits and perhaps even destination directions that are less than accurate. You, the driver, must remain in control throughout the trip, and know that you will deliver on time. Just make sure to allow the traffic to do what it will without affecting your business. Remember, the well-being of others is your responsibility, whatever others do, no matter what the traffic does, it’s your job, not theirs. Motor on, even in the cities. You’ll be glad you did.

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