EMDECS Quarterly Update – April 2021

Welcome to a quick run down of just some of the new features you can expect to see with our Q2 EMDECS update. Let’s take a look!

Geotab Integration

We’re excited to announce a brand-new integration with Canadian telematics company, Geotab that helps get the most out of your Go device and makes maintenance practices smoother, and more seamless.

EMDECS will now integrate with the my Geotab platform to automatically pull live data directly from your ELD devices and dashboards.

Further, get an early heads-up on any required repairs on incoming vehicles. Any driver defects reported through Geotab will now automatically be logged under the EMDECS Work Required tab.

And lastly, any shops utilizing the Geotab Zones feature no longer have to worry about checking in units. Any vehicles that pull onto your lot will automatically be moved onto the arrivals board in EMDECS, removing the need for the manual check-in process.

Owner-Operator Module

We’ve introduced an entirely new module for Owner-Operators that makes keeping track of repair history a breeze. You can now simply enter a VIN number and the system will scan the entire EMDECS network and pull all repair history associated with that unit. 

Further, to make work easier for techs, check off the “Authorize VIN Lookup” option to allow repair shops or any other relevant parties access to the repair history as well. 

This new feature is also available through the EMDECS Mobile App.

QuickBooks Integration

Another exciting EMDECS integration we’ve made this quarter is with QuickBooks online. QuickBooks users can now save time and eliminate the risk of missing or duplicated data, as all invoices created in EMDECS will automatically be replicated on their QuickBooks account.

Approval Setup Wizard

The new Approval Setup Wizard makes it incredibly simple for managers to set up and manage invoice approval permissions. In two simple steps you can now set system limits where the system will not require manual approval, as well as establish approval levels for individual employees. Temporarily need to pause this system? Simply use the new toggle button to turn the approval levels on or off as needed.

This quarter we’ve also been really focusing on improving aspects of EMDECS that help streamline your workflow and increase efficiencies in routine processes. While these updates may not be immediately obvious to users, it is part of BrightOrder’s commitment to continual improvement and these incremental updates will save large amounts of time long-term and allow improved decision making for your business.

Simplified Technician Time Logs

With Simplified Technician Time Logs, we’ve removed the need to enter technician’s Actual Hours using a start & end time. Now simply enter the total number of worked hours and the system will automatically apply the start and end times based on the information on the Repair Order.

Parts and Units Master At a Glance Views

We’ve simplified EMDECS At a Glance views to ensure they contain only the essential pieces of information you need for the Parts Master and Units Master screen. Core fields can still be quickly edited, and the detailed view is still available through the More Info button. Navigating to other Parts or Units is also possible from this new pop-up, removing the need to keep moving back and forth between screens.

Initialize Invoices as Paid

If you’re looking to add the EMDECS accounting system, the setup process has now been made even easier to help get your historical invoices uploaded and indicated as such. Utilize the Initialize AR link to quickly sort and select all historical invoices that have already been paid and clear up your Outstanding Invoices list.

Counter Sale Alerts

The new Counter Sales Alerts feature helps you set reminders for you or your staff when interacting with specific customers. The next time a customer – Bob, for example – walks in for a purchase, your rep will be notified to kindly remind him to pay his outstanding invoices as soon as they pull up Bob’s customer information.

These alerts can be quickly added, edited, or removed at any time.

Vendor Performance Reports

Vendor Performance Reports keep track of who your most consistent and reliable vendors are. This pdf report will break down average delivery times and can help feed your decisions when choosing preferred vendors or who to order from in general.

These are just a few of the ways EMDECS is helping to save you more time and increase your operation’s efficiency, at every level.

To find out more about these or any of the other Q2 updates, take a look at our release notes under the System Status and Updates section of our Knowledge Base at help.emdecs.com

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