EMDECS Quarterly Update – July 2021

Welcome to a quick run down of just some of the new features and improvements you can expect to see in the EMDECS Q3 update. 

Let’s start with a look at some of the brand new features introduced to the system:

Text Message Notifications

We’re excited to announce a brand new text message notification system for our EMDECS users.

Simply navigate to your User Manager screen, and enable texts to be sent when: A unit is ready, has arrived at the shop, or when a repair order or estimate is awaiting approval. 

For when your email inbox has just become too much, setup text message notifications to ensure you’re aware of what’s going on, when you need to be. 

Add New Users

With this update, we’ve made the onboarding of your new hires a few steps simpler. Management with access to the User Manager screen can now easily create new user profiles in EMDECS in a couple easy steps. 

Add their email, name, and assign the appropriate software licence access and done! They are ready to go. 

Barcode Scanning 

Locating parts in EMDECS has just gotten easier! We’re aware that many shops already utilize barcode scanners throughout various areas of their business, and felt it was time to incorporate it further into the EMDECS system. 

Whether you’re doing a counter sale, working through an RO, PO, or various other screens, a barcode scanner can now be used to speed up your part look up process. 

Use the barcode and keyboard icons next to any of the relevant search fields to quickly toggle between the look-up methods. 

No more manually entering part numbers, now you can simply scan. 

New to the Unit Master Screen

To help out our friends in some of the specialty heavy-duty vehicle industries, like construction and waste, we’ve added a few new areas on the Unit Master screen. 

You may have noticed some of these pop-up already, but let’s explore their full potential: 

Under a unit’s details, you will now find additional fields for: the body make, and model, an additional sub-type drop down to further specify the equipment type, and the unit’s capacity and corresponding form of measurement.

Back on the main part of the screen, you’ll also notice two new tabs at the bottom. The Import Permits, and Import Fuel Capacity tabs both come with downloadable templates to help you bulk upload the relevant information about your units. This can be extremely helpful for larger fleets to better keep track of every aspect of their vehicles. 

Redesigned Inventory Transfer Screen

For this quarter’s update, our dedicated development team has taken an in-depth look to not only improve the efficiency of the way the system works, but also the ways you work with it. Let’s take a look at some of these feature improvements: 

On the Inventory Transfer Screen you’ll notice a bit of a make-over. The layout has been altered to make the process simpler, and the part look-up functionality has been updated to not only accommodate searching parts by keyword, but to include the new barcode scan option mentioned earlier. 

Streamlined Financial Manager Screen

Over on the Financial Manager Screen we’ve added a couple new filters for year, and period. 

This will not only allow the system to load significantly faster, but also help you to more quickly identify the journal entries you’re looking for, without having to parse through seemingly endless lists. 

Counter Sale: Copy Function

If you deal with regular counter sale customers and their recurring orders, this new function may be of particular interest. 

With the click of the new “Copy” button, open or invoiced counter sales can now be replicated with ease. So when Bob, for example, walks in wanting to place the same order he does on every third Friday of the month your crew will have him ready to go in no time. Oh, and if Bob’s feeling particularly adventurous this time, and wants to try out brake pads from a new vendor, the duplicated order is still available to be edited or altered as needed. 

Equipment Downtime Reports

Last, but not least we’ve added a new type of report to monitor your equipment downtime. 

Located under the Fleet Category section, you can now quickly generate a report to let you know not only the number, but percentage of hours any units were down in a given time period. These regularly scheduled reports can be incredibly useful to help identify units with recurring issues that need to be explored further. 

These are just a few of the ways EMDECS is helping to save you more time and increase your operation’s efficiency, at every level.

For a full list of all updates, bug fixes and more please take a look at our release notes on the EMDECS Knowledge Base:


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