One of the biggest concerns for a long-haul driver is finding a safe place to park for the night. Over the years, as more and more transport has occupied UK and European roads and motorways, there have been far more commercial vehicles on the road than available parking spots. Drivers can often find themselves searching for a safe parking space for hours on end. And when a safe parking spot is not found, some resort to parking on the side of the road or on laybys. This is not only dangerous but oftentimes illegal. Even parking in retail lots is risky. Some drivers have been held for ransom to get their clamped vehicles back on the road, with fees that can range upwards of £700.

There can be many reasons for these parking space difficulties: from closed rest areas and stricter hours of service regulations, to a lack of parking in major urban centers. For now, HGV drivers face a daily struggle of finding safe parking spaces at night. Fortunately, here are some strategies that drivers can use to find safe parking.

Remember that:

1. Some weigh stations offer free parking for HGVs.

2. Many rest areas offer parking, but be wary of time limits.

3. Depending on pickup or delivery schedules, you may be able to end shifts early to check for the availability of parking at truck stops before they fill up.

4. Apps are now available for you to search for available parking in your region.

5. You may be able to inquire at regular pickup or delivery points near the end of their shift to be allowed to park at a shipper or receiver’s facility.

6. And lastly, you should consider paying for safe parking when all else fails.

We hope you’re able to stay safe and avoid risky areas. Abandoned parking lots, sides of motorways, laybys, or any remote areas, in general, should be avoided as they are not only unsafe but illegal!

We hope these insights will help you in your daily struggle to find safe parking, get rested and stay safe!

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