Enhance Your Inventory Tracking: Know Where Everything Is at Any Time

We’ve all experienced the “Of course as soon as I organized this I can’t find what I need.”

Or the “but I swear I just saw it here yesterday!” 

Or the “Darn it Joe… Why’d he move everything around again..?!“

And then there’s just the classic “Of course! It was right in front of me the entire time!”

While having the parts you need is the most important aspect of inventory, it greatly helps if you know exactly where they are, when you need them.

Stop meandering through the stockroom aimlessly and avoid the shelves that are completely irrelevant to your needs. 

Save your technicians from wasting time finding the parts they need, and decrease stress when it comes to inventory counts and maintenance.

EMDECS comes with built-in enhanced inventory tracking. So not only will you know which warehouse, but down to the row, the shelf, and the exact bin the parts you need are stored in.

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