Environmental Agencies are not Our Enemy

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When asked the question, “Would you risk many or even some lives to generate more income?” We hope most people would say, “No way”. But the fact is obvious that some people are risking the lives of innocent persons just to pad their pockets. We’re not talking about thieves or robbers with threats of violence. We’re aware that there are hardworking folks in the UK and Europe who are engaging in everyday work practices that are risking the lives of millions of people on this continent for the purpose of netting more money. To many, money is king.

But the real issue is that breathing clean air is what sustains us. It’s necessary to maintain life. Without it, all life forms cease to exist. And planet earth is clinging to a slim margin of breathable air that is waning because of the actions of some folks who ignore the fact that they are risking all lives, even their own, by contravening environmental regulations.


Engine Builders Work to Provide Cleaner Diesels

Commercial transport industry engine builders have been working for years to design cleaner burning diesel engines to meet stricter levels of reducing harmful emissions that threaten us all with various health issues such as heart and lung diseases. Modern diesel engines are working to provide clean air by giving off fewer harmful exhaust emissions.

And everywhere we hear of strategies being developed to save the planet through electric powered vehicles and alternative fuels for clean air such as hydrogen electric, sustainable natural gas, etc. Why then, are some folks promoting sales and installation of defeat devices designed to disable emission controls on modern vehicles?

Cheating is Bad for Us All

In the U.S. the EPA is working to stop what is becoming an epidemic of persons disabling emission control equipment with promises of more horsepower and better fuel economy. Do we really need big brother to threaten shop managers and owners with penalties and punitive measures when we are in need of breathing clean air ourselves? Let’s wake up folks; cheating is bad for all of us, especially those doing it to pad their pockets.

Original Equipment Manufacturers have spent decades developing and improving engines that are certified to be compliant and within their specifications. OEMs only certify shops that have been audited and found to be adhering to strict OEM specifications. Furthermore, these certified shops refuse to work on any engine or emission system that has been altered in any way that compromises emission controls.

Report the Offenders

We understand that commercial transport is an expensive business to operate given the unending expenses involved every day. We know you need to trim the fat wherever you can. But it simply can’t be done when it puts others at risk of losing their lives by exposing them to disease and death. We all know better. If you know any person or shop that is promoting bad practices such as those that affect the health and welfare of the general public, we need you to notify the appropriate regulatory bodies to have these unfair practices stopped. 

Do yourself a favour and don’t be found at fault by purchasing illegal equipment for your vehicles. Earn your revenue honestly and help us all breathe easier. Happy Motoring!

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