Ever Consider Long Haul Trucking

Ever Consider Long Haul Trucking?

Many drivers have opted for Over The Road trucking, also known as OTR or long haul driving and there are reasons they like it. For one thing they love the variety of routes they run, literally seeing the entire nation and never being bored by the drudgery of frequenting set lanes or dedicated routes. Those drivers who are particularly adventurous may choose OTR that includes border crossing into Canada. No boredom for these drivers, they’re seeing the world and at the same time cementing their careers by learning the ropes of driving in a foreign country. Imagine no routine to stifle and even bore you in your chosen career. Every run is likely different from the last.

Great Earnings

OTR drivers earn more than non-OTR drivers. The pay is great and comes with the stability of being always in demand, in fact, many long haul drivers earn six figure incomes.  OTR offers men and women drivers the long-term careers that everyone is looking for. That is because long haul drivers gain experience from hauling so many different loads. A lucrative and challenging occupation with the personal rewards from doing a satisfying job each time you complete a run.

As an OTR driver you will haul all kinds of freight that may involve LTL, less than truckload shipments that serve several customers at different locations. You enjoy getting to make friends with many shippers and receivers that appreciate what and how you do your job. Your dispatchers laud your ability to happily serve customers which in turn increases your demand. 

Earn as You Learn

Your freight handling abilities may even lead to hauling different types of trailers to learn the ins and outs of all sorts of loads. Because of the lucrative job you have, you are able to squirrel away savings with every pay and build a retirement savings account to solidify an enjoyable retirement lifestyle at your chosen age. Although you may like your work more than electing to retire early.

Not For Everyone

Of course, not every driver wants to venture into long haul trucking for various reasons, such as home time with family or health concerns. Some drivers want to be home after each day’s delivery. That is why long haul drivers are in such demand.

Unique Lifestyle

OTR drivers grow to like taking time off in new places and meeting new people wherever they go. They have a degree of flexibility in where they want to go, such as their favourite cities. When they want to take breaks as long as they keep within hours of service requirements they rest or recreate, making for pleasant times on the road,  all the while enjoying employment stability and above average incomes. All these benefits OTR drivers are perks they earn simply by doing their jobs.

If you enjoy travel and want to earn a lucrative income, consider Over The Road driving. It may not be for everyone. But it just may be great for you. Motor on.

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