Extending the Life of Your HGV & LGV Fleet

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Supply chain issues that exist as a result of the global pandemic’s decimating of the workforce still linger on stubbornly, making recovery painfully slow. Fleets face a perfect storm of scarcity of new HGV and LGV vehicles and its accompanying inflation pushing up costs of everything in commercial transport. Never has there been a better time to look at strategies for extending the life of your assets for the sake of your business.

The foundation of getting extra service from your vehicles is a great maintenance schedule – and sticking to it. Consider a fleet maintenance software system, one that creates PM programs that account for different vehicle makes and models that you use. Various HGV and LGV makers all have recommended schedules for maintenance and what is required and when. Following those various schedules is the cornerstone of getting longer service from your fleet.

Use a service that automatically tracks and keeps records of maintenance and repairs, keeping each vehicle’s history digitally and available at a single click. The right program can streamline your entire operation and save you precious time and money.



Review Driver Daily Inspections

Have your drivers undergo periodic reviews of pre and post trip inspections and focus on being thorough in order to reduce downtime and expensive road service calls. And make certain that they check tyres carefully and use a gauge to get tyre air pressures. Inflate to recommended pressure to keep tyres from wearing prematurely. Examine tyres for uneven wear patterns that could signal wheel or suspension problems. Report to maintenance for a decision.

Install OEM parts, fluids and filters to always get the best quality. Keep an inventory of regularly used items that can prevent having to scrounge for what you need. 

Keep your fleet clean with regular washes. Driving a clean commercial vehicle is a source of pride for any driver. Your drivers will want to keep their cab neat and tidy as well. Cleanliness rubs off and improves resale value for your fleet.

Install forward-facing and driver-facing dash cameras to track driver habits and review results with them for the purpose of improving their driving habits to help your vehicles last longer and even raise fuel economy.

Reduce the Cost and Wear Caused by Idling

Avoid idling during detention times and off duty breaks. Use auxiliary power units (APUs) to reduce idling. Excessive idling shortens the life of a diesel engine over time and leads to expensive rebuilds or replacement, especially when new HGVs and LGVs are in short supply. APUs can run cab accessories and climate control for driver comfort and prolong the life of the vehicle’s engine.

Proud and happy drivers treat your vehicle with great care. But you still need more. You need a fleet management system to coordinate all the above strategies. We recommend EMDECS by BrightOrder. Based on decades of streamlining shop operations it comes with paperless repair orders and digital storage of all records so no more filing cabinets. Everything is at your fingertips with any device connected to the internet.

Your technicians will love its ease of use and productivity will improve. Simplified parts ordering and invoices in seconds. 

Get a free demo of EMDECS at BrightOrder.com.

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