Fire Vehicles and Preventative Maintenance

Firefighting is a Science

When it comes to firefighting, preventive maintenance of equipment is necessary for life saving of victims and safety of fire fighters on the job. While engaged in firefighting, risks are high for these brave men and women. They recognise the risks and take precautions, but still firefighters die on the job as they risk their lives to save others. These heroes depend on their equipment to protect and aid them in their tasks. That is why preventive maintenance of equipment must take place regularly to keep firefighters safe while tackling fire calls, both in transit and at the scene of a conflagration.

Fire stations with fleets that have their own shops and technicians, or their chosen service shops must set up preventive maintenance schedules to ensure that trucks are operable and safe and last their expected vehicular lives without serious failures. PM schedules often rely on the original equipment manufacturers for their specifications for PMs. While these may be guides, they are a solid basis for creating PMs for each of your apparatus. Builders of trucks have a great knowledge of the life expectancy of individual components. Fire trucks are very expensive because of their specialty equipment, and PM schedules that are followed extend the lives of your trucks.

Inspections Require Certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians

Whenever your assets are in for inspection, adjustment, or repair it is your manager’s responsibility to ensure that the technicians that are inspecting and/or repairing your vehicles are certified Emergency Vehicle specialists. No one else must work on your emergency vehicles. Great care must be carried out by trained technicians.

Utilise a Fleet Management Software to Avoid Missed PM Inspections

The best tool a fire station service and repair shop can employ is a digital fleet management software system that will never let you skip a PM. It does so by delivering alerts when PMs are due for each emergency vehicle in your fleet. The system you need is one that has experience working with emergency vehicles and can tailor the program for your specific assets which are identified by vehicle identification numbers. It will include a checklist for each vehicle’s driver’s daily inspection and every other inspection required by your schedule.

Your fleet management system will be versatile and able to be accessed by not only your managers, but also technicians with any internet capable device. It will cover both the firefighting equipment and also the vehicle brakes, suspension and running gear, including the vehicle’s engine and hydraulic systems. And of course, the first responder’s safety systems will be inspected and made clear for use. Repair orders are generated by the technician digitally and are completed, invoiced, filed, and stored for future reference. Parts and prices are transferred to the repair order and the RO invoice is transmitted to the recipient electronically.

EMDECS is Your PM Answer

The fleet management system we believe in is called EMDECS and is produced by BrightOrder which has developed the program over decades of experience in truck and emergency vehicle inspection and repair. We have an unparalleled level of experience accumulated covering specialised software and development to make emergency vehicles safer for firefighters the world over. To keep your people safe and extend the life of your assets, reach out to EMDECS for a free demo.  

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