How Women Can Help Solve Supply Chain Issues

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Commercial transport has always been a man’s world. But now, trucking is losing many workers who are reaching retirement age and they are not being replaced by others coming into the industry. The fact is, there is already a serious shortage of commercial vehicle drivers the world over and it’s not getting better soon. Demand for commercial transport personnel has never been greater and not just for drivers. Qualified support workers are also ageing and leaving gaps. We all want our goods to arrive in a timely fashion, but it can’t happen without people to bring them.


Not Just for Drivers

Numerous career opportunities exist in transport companies and not just for drivers. The industry is in need of new hires and is finally experiencing a gradual change called gender diversity. Women are stepping up and will eventually become major contributors to improving the supply chains. And they are commanding great income opportunities for themselves due to the urgent demand. Goods of all sorts must reach the public and not just by a male-dominated workforce any longer.

Opportunities abound for clerks, dispatchers, bookkeepers, accountants, human resource persons, yard workers, driver trainers, managers, shop technicians, and others. Modern commercial vehicle fleets provide good compensation packages and great working conditions while fostering a pleasant and diverse culture. 

Opportunities for Travel

A woman doesn’t have to be adventurous to join this movement. But if you happen to be the type who longs to travel outside office walls and has a desire to see new places and things, HGV driving may be a suitable well-paying option for you. It can provide you with a great view of the changing seasons while earning a good living.

Modern commercial vehicles (HGVs & LGVs) are designed for comfort and keep up with changing technology. They are manufactured to be safe and comfortable for drivers. Those who choose over the road driving, also known as long haul transport, enjoy many modern conveniences in the cab such as refrigerators and outlets for other portable appliances and comfortable and private sleeping quarters without leaving the vehicle.

Or perhaps you like to stay close to home and enjoy working in an office environment. Many great and limitless opportunities are available to change a formerly male-dominated world into one of gender diversity and experience a good lifestyle while doing so. Supply chains need more women. And in some instances, paid training may be available.

You don’t have to be looking to change the world. Just looking to make your life better and happier in a new and different career.

Women in Trucking

If you are even the least bit curious about a career in the commercial transport industry, we urge you to take a look at Women In Trucking. You’ll find it an eye opener and likely a door opener as well.

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