Respect for Female Truck Drivers

A growing number of women are driving trucks and earning a comfortable living doing so. But according to recent surveys, not everything is peaches and cream for women drivers. Issues revealed mostly revolve around safety and respect though in many cases these are situational in nature. If a man or woman drives for a company with a culture that is not friendly, any driver-woman or man- would likely not blame trucking but their situation. The result usually calls for signing on with another outfit after investigating to find the right fit. Situational does not need to be forever.

How Drivers Feel

Survey findings reveal interesting feelings of both women and men. For instance, one survey found that 89% of women feel safe when sleeping in their vehicle, while 11% do not feel safe. That’s a great positive number of comfortable women.

A survey by JW Surety Bonds reported 68% of women felt safe working while 78% of men working felt safe. Again, this may also be situational as drivers are required to make pickups and deliveries at all hours and in less than savoury areas and conditions. Most drivers accept these conditions rather than push for change.

However, the idea of safety may change when a woman works directly with a man such as when being trained by a man. Opposite sexes contained in close quarters for long hours can feel very uncomfortable for a woman.


Women In Transport Association 

Women In Transport is a UK based not-for-profit that empowers women in the industry to maximise their potential. Founded in 2005, the group offers networking, mentoring and much more to help women in the industry make advancements in the field. For more information visit 

If you are a woman HGV driver or are interested in possibly pursuing a career in the transport field in general, you are urged to get the facts about relevant careers by investigating and joining this or similar associations for help and support to find out if transport is right for you. With the transport industry currently experiencing a shortage of drivers, women are likely to find stable, steady careers that last. The transport industry needs women. Go for it!

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