Truck Driving in the Fall Weather

Truck Driving in the Fall Weather Truck Driving in Fall Weather The fall season presents numerous hazards for truck drivers. Time to bone up with a reminder of what to look out for. It’s a beautiful time of the year, transitioning from hot summer to the beautiful colours of falling leaves. But therein lies a […]

Sharing the Road

Sharing the Road Sharing the Road  Pedestrians and cyclists are everywhere during the milder months and stretching into even less favourable weather as people walk, jog, run, and ride bicycles for fitness and overall health and wellbeing. More and more they venture onto roads and highways where cars and trucks pose hazards.  Some drivers are […]

Importance of Truth in Recruiting

Job Interview

Merle Haggard sang the words, “It takes a special breed to be a truck driving man.” Or woman. Drive safely and always be truthful and your position is likely to be enjoyable and lasting.