Tracking Your Assets

Tracking Your Assets Tracking Your Assets In the construction and other businesses, you are frequently required to leave equipment at or near an unsecured job site. It immediately creates tension and worry for you. Theft of equipment is rampant throughout the world. Sophisticated thieves go out every day just looking for opportunities to acquire valuable […]

Artificial Intelligence Meets Telematics

Artificial Intelligence Meets Telematics Improving Road Safety AI dash cameras on their own can bring down operating costs for any fleet. Management receives driver behaviours, good and bad, in real time and can either arrange coaching or reward good driving. AI dash cams can identify distracted driving and tailgating and send a warning to your […]


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The Technology Gap

Studies have shown that fewer than one quarter of UK small to medium sized businesses use business intelligence technology tools to streamline even routine functions. And in this day and age, no matter your opinions on new technology, those who do not use technology are actually wasting time. And time is money. EMDECS by BrightOrder is a heavy duty vehicle maintenance solution designed to make you and your technicians lives easier and keep vehicle downtime to the minimum.