The Technology Gap

Studies have shown that fewer than one quarter of UK small to medium sized businesses use business intelligence technology tools to streamline even routine functions. And in this day and age, no matter your opinions on new technology, those who do not use technology are actually wasting time. And time is money. EMDECS by BrightOrder is a heavy duty vehicle maintenance solution designed to make you and your technicians lives easier and keep vehicle downtime to the minimum.

Summer: Tis the Season for Wanderlust

Summer is a carefree time of great weather that signals the unofficial time for travel. Whether you’ve planned a vacation or just engage in weekend getaways or day trips, traffic increases in summer and becomes risky for drivers of all vehicles. Speeding becomes the norm for many who feel the urge to reach a destination filled with fun times. And with speeding, reaction times decrease while stopping distances increase, creating a crash condition that can be deadly and can quickly change the outcome of what should be a joyful outing turned suddenly bad.

Tips for Commercial Driving in Hard Rain

Tips for Commercial Driving in Hard Rain These tips are universal so you may already know them. If so, that’s fine, but we want to refresh your memory so you’ll be safe. It’s the annual rainy season, time to review your driving skills for hauling in hard rain. Brushing up can never hurt. Before departing […]