Truckers Bridge the Gaps

Truckers Bridge the Gaps Truckers Bridge the Gaps Transportation of goods from factories to consumers relies on trucks and truck drivers to fill the gaps in keeping the supply chain flowing. But several other transportation modes are also involved in keeping the supply chain chugging along and bringing products to everyone. In fact, planes, trains, […]

Understanding Geofencing in Trucking

Understanding Geofencing in Trucking Why Fleets Need It Geofencing enables a fleet to set up invisible boxes or perimeters around a truck’s route for the purpose of tracking the shipment from start to finish but broken down into manageable districts for monitoring. It’s used with GPS tracking to facilitate always knowing the whereabouts of the […]

The Technology Gap

Studies have shown that fewer than one quarter of UK small to medium sized businesses use business intelligence technology tools to streamline even routine functions. And in this day and age, no matter your opinions on new technology, those who do not use technology are actually wasting time. And time is money. EMDECS by BrightOrder is a heavy duty vehicle maintenance solution designed to make you and your technicians lives easier and keep vehicle downtime to the minimum.

Concerns of Truckers

EMDECS UK | Concerns of Truckers One of the biggest concerns for a long-haul driver is finding a safe place to park for the night. Over the years, as more and more transport has occupied UK and European roads and motorways, there have been far more commercial vehicles on the road than available parking […]

Understanding the Role of a Broker

Understanding the Role of a Broker The job of a broker is to marry shippers with carriers. A shipper has a load of freight to be delivered and has no carrier contact, so the broker lines up a carrier to haul the shipper’s load. The broker sends the carrier’s truck to pick up the load […]