Take Time Off, Truck Drivers

Take Time Off, Truck Drivers

No matter who you are, if you’re a truck driver, your life is filled with stress. Stress can kill you. It happens to truck drivers far too often. Truck driver stress affects your family’s lives too. You might be carrying on driving your life away and ignoring tell-tale signs of disintegrating family relationships.

A Demanding Occupation

The trucking industry demands so much of its drivers that, if you as a driver don’t strike a balance between work and life, you are likely to experience burnout one day. Worse than that, you are probably missing out on most of life’s greatest moments while you’re away on the road and heading for a time when you will live with remorse over all the time spent away. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting you find another career. But we will recommend some changes in the way you work to improve your life.

Hometime is Essential

If you are an owner/operator, you are the captain of your own ship and that means, it’s up to you to plan your schedule and routes. Our advice to you is not to be driven by an unending quest for more money. Your life is far more important than money. Think about your friends and family and take more time off to spend enjoying it with them. Hometime is necessary for rest, relaxation, and to recharge in order for you to keep a fresh outlook on your work, making it the pleasant and exciting career you dreamed it would be when you signed on.

Keep in Touch

Whether you are a fleet or company driver, or an owner/operator you owe it to your family to always let them know your schedule and your whereabouts. Keeping in touch will comfort your folks and significant other. You owe it to them and yourself to always spend some time communicating with them.

Your Health Depends on it

Hometime is also important for your health. You eat and sleep better at home because you are not under the gun at home. Remember, your significant other is the captain of the home ship, allow him or her to run the ship and give them the leeway to take the lead without conflict. Conflict is toxic in a relationship and harmful to everyone’s health. If you don’t, you’ll regret it when you’re back on the road. Hometime is precious; don’t waste it. The more time off you take, the more it helps to strengthen your relationships.

What if You’re not an Owner/Operator

We know what you’re thinking. Most of you drive for companies or fleets. We’re not overlooking you. The fact is, many companies and some fleets understand that their drivers need scheduled time off for their lifestyle. If you are a driver that’s not enjoying work, maybe you need to shop around for a more caring company or fleet to work for. Not all fleets are taskmasters. Some really care about their drivers and want them to remain healthy and happy in their jobs. They understand that there’s a critical shortage of qualified drivers in the trucking industry, and that it is important to nurture good drivers and train them into being great drivers.

Never Keep a Messy Bedroom

Another good practice is to always keep your sleeper compartment in order. Never leave your berth unmade or messy. You need to be comfortable in the sleeper. Keep it clean and comfortable and change the sheets often.

Finally, take the time to pack premade meals from home and take them with you, or consider preparing meals in the sleeper. Your good health matters to your well being, yourself, your employment, and your family. Never overlook that. Enjoy your work and you’ll happily go down the road to success. Happy motoring.

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