The Days are Getting Shorter

The Days are Getting Shorter And Colder

If you’ve been putting off needed truck maintenance, you had better take care of it now. If you continue to neglect your truck for whatever reason, believe it or not, your health may be at risk. For example, if your truck breaks down and leaves you parked on the side of a highway with a dead engine and awaiting a tow during a busy time for tow trucks, the cold is likely to get to you much sooner than a tow. Trust us, we know what it’s like to be stuck without heat. Cold will permeate your truck cab in a very short time. If you are towed to a dealership or other shop after hours, you may be in for an excruciatingly long wait for warmth.

Avoid Unnecessary Risks

Even if you’re parked on the shoulder of the highway, you still must climb out and place safety devices to warn traffic of your dilemma and that may put you in danger of being struck by a passing vehicle and never seeing home and family again. You really need to take care of truck maintenance before the weather turns in Fall.

With winter closing in on us and ice and snow already in northern areas, it’s time to get serious about preventive maintenance if you haven’t already done so. As you conduct inspections on your vehicle, resist the urge to treat it as routine. Cold changes everything on trucks. You must closely scrutinize each and every component to ensure your safety and that of others. If anything is in doubt, call for a shop appointment before hauling another load. Your life may depend on it.

Driving Conditions Change Without Warning

Poor weather and bad driving conditions play havoc on trucks and their components. Make sure your truck is in peak operating condition by opting for a thorough maintenance inspection before the weather turns. Carry extra blankets in case you need to endure a cold night huddled in the sleeper. Carry extra windshield wipers and washer fluid, engine coolant, fuel conditioner, air system deicer, and make sure the air dryer is working properly. When driving, if you hear an unfamiliar noise from the truck’s engine or the engine light comes on, don’t ignore it. Pull off the road immediately and call a service technician.

Never Skip Maintenance

To avoid problems on the road, don’t skip your truck maintenance. Carry food and water in case of an emergency, and keep performing daily driver inspections to ward off troubles. Above all, reduce your speed in cold weather where traction is poor or when it is possible. Don’t take chances and be mindful of your truck maintenance. Motor safely and don’t let winter spoil your ride.

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