The Next Best Thing to Human

More and more we are seeing truck drivers traveling with a pet and not just with owner/operators. Fleets of all sizes are adopting policies to allow pets in their trucks. Let’s face it: truck driving can be a darn lonely profession. Having a pet along in the cab can be a source of comfort for a driver. It can also help to reduce the stress of being a truck driver away from home.

Owner/Operators and Pets

Owner/operators have no restrictions on pets. These drivers answer to themselves, they are in charge of their business. But what about fleet drivers? Many fleets are searching for policies that will help retain drivers and allowing drivers to bring a pet along is a great way to keep their people happy.

Those fleets that do permit pets in their trucks may incorporate certain restrictions such as weight limits for pets and drivers are naturally required to keep the truck clean and to scoop up after their pet toilets at truck stops, rest areas, and anywhere the pet has walked during a trip.

Drivers get Exercise

Of course, pets such as dogs need to be walked frequently to ensure they are getting enough exercise to offset being cooped up in a truck for long periods. Walking a pet is also beneficial for drivers to recharge their batteries and soak up oxygen.

Your Trucking Pet in Winter

If your route takes you into cold winter weather, consider packing winter gear such as sweaters and boots for your four-legged companion. These accessories may take your pet some time to accept them, but your pet needs protection from bone chilling weather, especially on the pads of their paws. And bring along blankets for warming your pet after a cold walk.

Watch Out for Traffic

Take extra care when walking your pet at a truck stop or rest area. These areas are high traffic areas. Always be watch out and listen for moving vehicles. When pets are out for walks, they are carefree and taking in the sights, sounds and scents.  Keep them clear of the traffic by always using a leash.

Drivers who talk to a pet and treat them as cherished companions on long trips can ease the driver’s mind. The exercise of walking with a pet keeps both the pet and the driver healthy and happy. Taking the pet home can teach the pet that they will never need to be alone.

Border Crossing with a Pet

If a driver faces a border crossing during a trip, he or she is likely to have to show proof of their pet’s vaccinations. It’s a formality designed to prevent the transmission of diseases and any driver in that position should comply without complaining. Remember the pandemic? Agricultural processing plants may also require up to date documentation of vaccines for your pet. Your veterinarian can provide the necessary documents.

Tail Wagging

There’s no denying it, the wagging tail of a friendly dog brings smiles to onlookers and brightens everyone’s day and it’s also great for a driver’s mental and physical health, thanks to fleets who permit pets in their trucks. Motor on with your best friend to keep you company.

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