The current technology gap in the UK is following a path toward a critical shortage of workers with digital skills. One study revealed that 76% of responding firms believe a lack of digital skills would hamper their profitability due to inability to attract talented people.

Information Technology (IT) has transformed many aspects of life for some folks. Work, play, and even learning take place via the internet. But not all residents of the UK are so fortunate. Many of those in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and communities are unable to afford the cost of internet availability, instead choosing housing and food over technology.

Another Effect of the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic created a disconnect of learning online for students whose families were without computing ability during lockdowns and school closures. Students without digital skills are likely to pass into the lives of low skilled workers if they can find work at all. There is a growing need to create opportunities for these disadvantaged persons to learn not just reading, writing, and maths, but to also gain digital skills.

SMEs and Technology

In a 2019 study of small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in the UK, fewer than one quarter used business intelligence technology tools to streamline even routine functions. Those who do not use technology are actually wasting time. And time is money.

SMEs make up the majority of UK businesses. If most of those are not using software programs to improve productivity and streamline work they are leaving money on the table. Everyone knows you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. SME business owners need to develop a thirst for digital skills and that begins with education.


Promoting Business Technology

Educational programs for businesses need to be designed to promote business technology as a means of streamlining processes, improving customer relationships, and boosting productivity and should be aimed directly at SMEs in all fields of endeavour. Any business can benefit from adopting digital solutions. Programs must appeal to business owners, workers, and students to bone up on their digital skills.

Unfortunately, the UK has lost talented individuals post Brexit as many EU workers with digital skills simply went home. And stricter immigration and mobility measures are making it difficult to attract foreign talent. At one point, as many as one in three were foreign workers in the UK. Thus, we must focus on nurturing talent domestically with home grown workers possessing digital business skills.

Benefits for the Trucking Industry

Truck repair shops are taking on EMDECS to help fleets shore up the supply chain issues. EMDECS is an innovative software program for managing many processes on behalf of fleet repair shops and independent truck repair shops. It is gaining popularity throughout the UK because of its versatility in managing so many shop functions and its superior ease of use.

Shop managers and technicians love using the software. They can be up to speed on it in as little as thirty minutes. No more handwriting repair orders or invoices, it’s all handled using a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone. Shop managers assign work to technicians electronically. Can you fathom all records being accessed from the cloud with a few clicks?

You owe it to your shop personnel to schedule a demo and see for yourself how much more productive the shop can become with EMDECS. Contact BrightOrder for a demo today. It will change your life for the better.

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