Tracking Your Assets

In the construction and other businesses, you are frequently required to leave equipment at or near an unsecured job site. It immediately creates tension and worry for you. Theft of equipment is rampant throughout the world. Sophisticated thieves go out every day just looking for opportunities to acquire valuable construction assets that you require for completing operations. Once an asset or assets are identified as ripe for picking, they return in the dark of night and haul them away, without you finding out after the fact that your valuable equipment is gone.

Of course, you insure your business assets. But any time you lose a piece of equipment to thieves your insurance premiums increase, maybe even doubling, squeezing your profits enough to a point where you must make the worst decision in your business life: to keep going, or to get another job. Nobody in business wants to have to face that scenario.

What’s the Solution?

Well, it’s not drumming up more jobs to cover the new costs. Doing so would cost you in recruiting and hiring more help and buying more equipment. Wouldn’t you rather grow your business and keep your assets by tracking them electronically? Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) systems provide a means of tracking your assets both before and even after they are stolen, aiding in retrieving the return of your valuable assets. Covering your unprotected assets will cost your business less in reduced insurance premium costs and not having to replace equipment.

BrightOrder to the Rescue

BrightOrder is known for its flagship software called EMDECS. That platform continues to streamline the work of fleet and other repair shops. Now BrightOrder is adding to its fleet services through its recent acquisition of a prominent South Dakota firm known for asset tracking, dash cam and telematics industries. These services are now part of the newly formed brand called BrightOrder Telematics.

The move is certain to fortify BrightOrder’s position as a leader with the new services working to provide instant savings in GPS tracking, monitoring and coaching your drivers’ behaviours to improve safety and fuel economy through onboard telematics.

Benefits of Telematics

A truck telematics system receives data from sensors and GPS tracking events and reports the current location of each truck in real time. Telematics is capable of creating optimised routing and many other essential functions such as fuel used per gallon so you know if a driver needs coaching to reduce fuel consumption that combines with other savings which will lead to a more favourable bottom line for the fleet. 

Telematics also provide onboard diagnostics to alert the need for maintenance. That way, the fleet can decide whether repairs are needed immediately and if the truck is capable of finishing the trip. Telematics, dash cameras and GPS are a money making tool for your fleet. Contact BrightOrder Telematics for the most important tool you can add to your fleet. Motor on and prosper.

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