Tyres are a Major Expense

That Goes for Owner Operators to Small Fleets, to Large Operations

One of the best ways to protect your tyre investments is by keeping tyre air pressure at manufacturer’s specified limits, which generally is different for steer tyres, drive tyres, and trailer rubber. That means a driver must check tyre pressures at regular intervals. But if tyres are checked weekly or at longer intervals, it may be too late to save tyres.

Damage can occur on any trip on any day. Loss of air pressure in any tyre can render it useless due to overheating or excess and may even destroy a valuable casing that makes it unable to be retreaded. Senior drivers are accustomed to thumping tyres with an object to get an idea of tyre pressure. But once a tyre thumps without rebounding, damage is already done and that’s the only way a thumper can reveal a bad tyre situation.

Technology Marches On

Nowadays technology provides a real defence against tyre damage, namely Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). These systems use sensors to provide constant, up to the minute tyre pressure readings to keep the driver informed of tyre conditions in order to avoid destruction of each and every tyre on the rig in real time. Systems provide alerts when tyre temperatures rise, when air pressure falls, and other adverse conditions of any tyre in order for a driver to take corrective measures to save a valuable tyre casing.

Tyre casings are valuable because they can extend tyre life through retreading, saving money for an owner. Saving money is important for everyone in trucking as they face mounting expenses that continue to rise almost daily. TPMS keep all your tyres inflated to specified pressures by automatically adding air from the truck’s air brake system when needed.

Good Tyres Will Never be Cheap

So far it seems truck tyres are less subject to supply chain issues and appear to be readily available. But don’t think that makes them cheap. Most are produced on the continent and are easy to locate when required. But no matter how large or small your operation is, you should not consider tyres an expense. They are an investment in your transportation business and must be cared for to extend their lives and your income.

That means checking tyre pressures must be checked frequently as the least your drivers can do to protect your investment in rubber. But we believe you should be looking at tyre pressure monitoring systems to really protect your investment. Technology is the best way to monitor tyre pressures and can alert your drivers to problems before they damage your tyre investments.

Shop Opportunity

We view that fact as an opportunity for repair shops and especially tyre shops to step up and offer to sell and install tyre pressure monitoring systems to their customers. This may involve advertising to display what you offer but enable you to offer a very valuable service. It can be a win-win for both the shop and the trucking company.
Get the best service and mileage from your truck tyres. Get a tyre pressure monitoring system for your trucks.

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