Why DVSA Earned Recognition is Important

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s Earned Recognition Scheme is designed to make and keep Heavy Goods Vehicles and their drivers more compliant with regulations for the purpose of making highways safer for the entire motoring public.

The Earned Recognition Scheme is a way for HGV operators to prove they are meeting driver, vehicle, and road safety standards by continuously monitoring their driver and vehicle maintenance to be compliant.


How it Works

The scheme is voluntary and includes feeding data directly to DVSA on an ongoing basis. It’s open to operators of all sizes. An operator must have a DVSA validated IT system for monitoring maintenance and drivers’ hours of service to ensure they are meeting key performance indicators (KPI)s.

At four week intervals the IT system transmits information on how well or not the operator is managing KPIs. Constant monitoring works toward managing a firm’s compliant status. The scheme offers compliant operators relief from frequent roadside inspections and shows promise in keeping lorries in top condition saving money in the long run by promoting and producing safer vehicles and drivers.

EMDECS by BrightOrder Inc. is a premium IT maintenance software program approved by the DVSA Earned Recognition Scheme for managing your maintenance and repair facility and transmitting your driver and vehicle data to the DVSA.

EMDECS has proven to be a cost-effective answer to fleet repair shop maintenance and repair procedures the world over, streamlining workflow and taking over for outdated work methods. And being DVSA approved makes it a popular choice for fleet managers. Request an EMDECS demo today.

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